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Open Monday - Saturday

10am to 10:30pm


Delivery available

between 10am to 7:30pm



We would like to thank you for supporting a local business!

Many people have asked where we came up with the name "Blazen Burgers".  Is it because of the spicy or hot burgers?  Or is it named for something we put on our burgers.  Neither is true.

  Blazen Burgers was named after a nick-name of Brad's.

Brad was given the nick-name "Blaze" while he was a soldier in the US Army in 1985.  He wore this nick-name on his helmet during his entire military career.  

We decided that it would be a great name for a restaurant since the burgers would be made to order.

Many other things about "Blazen Burgers" are symbols of ourselves.  For instance the "cat-eye" sunglasses on the burger.  Brad has always worn his "cat-eyes".  Also, our phone number is the year we were married.  "1985"







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